The Smart Case is a container which holds items being sent over the network.  The Smart Case is the Package (referred to in the Physical Package Protocol) and is equivalent to the Packet in a Packet Switched Network.

Every Smart Case, whatever size, has a unique ID Number which contains information about the size and shape of the case, it's weight limits an any other information other PPP Assets need to know.  It will also contain a Bluetooth LE chip which will hold the 3PDN.

The Top/Base Plates of 12cm Standard Smart Case.

The Top/Base Plates of 12cm Standard Smart Case.

Small Standard Cases

For small Packages there will be standard sized Smart Cases with a connector on both the top, which is held by a Pigeon and the base which is held by a Package Router or Mule.  The centre of the grip has a metal plate embedded within them so lightweight Cases can be lifted with a simple electropermanent grabber with no moving parts.  Smart Cases heavier than about 1kg will need to have the circle catch in the middle for a stronger hold.

The Smart Cases will come in be various sizes and can fit onto the Package Routers like Legos squares onto a Lego board.

Standard Small Case Sizes:

  • 12cm by 12cm Square Base - Small items, 5 DVDs in cases.
  • 12cm Diameter Circular Base - Bottle of wine, a spool of DVDs.
  • 12cm by 30cm Base - Loads of A4 letters.
  • 30cm by 30cm Base - Much larger objects.
  • 12cm by 48cm Base - Long things.
  • 48cm by 48cm Base - Large flat items.

The internal height of all cases is 30cm.  The Top Plate and Base Plate are 1cm high each so the total external height of all Standard Cases is 32cm.  The container part of the case can be any size or shape as long as it fits within the designated volume between the top and bottom case.

For storage cases can be designed to fold flat and stack on top of each other.  The most compact way is to make a case which can compact down into the 1cm base and top plates and stacked on top of each other.  This means that 15 compacted cases can be stored in the space of one standard case.

At present the current Smart Case Version is 0.3.2


Medium Smart Cases


Large Smart Cases


And Let's Go Larger