The Power Perch

The Power Perch is the cheapest and easiest element of the Physical Package system to establish as it is a simple standardised charging point for the aerial based Pigeons.

It will hopefully be a secure stand with a connector that a Pigeon can grasp and charge in rest mode.  The connector will be the same as the Smart Case top connector only anchored and powered to recharge the Pigeon.

The Perch can be as large or small, secure or remote as needed. They can be siply installed on any roof, street light, vehicle or structure with a power source.  Emergency Perches can be set up easily as needed with on car roofs running from the batteries.  

In remote areas where multiple charges may be needed for a Pigeon to make a single step, a single Package Slot can be placed next to a Perch so the Smart Case can be set down safely while the Pigeon is charging.  

Power Perch locations can be preloaded into Pigeons and be updated easily as more come online or change positions.

Power Perch Auctioning 

Power Perch Service Providers can simply bill a Pigeon Operator by the time spent on the Perch, or if there is congestion, they can auction charge time to all the competing Pigeons in the area.

Image CC 2.0: Loozrboy on Flickr