Once a item is in a Smart Case and has a 3PDN it can be placed into the closest available Package Router where it waits until a Pigeon is available to carry it to the next Router on it's next Step.

The Package Router are similar to the routers on the internet, and follow similar buffering and forwarding rules, though there are many physical configurations that can be divided into five basic types.

  1. A simple Sending Router which can hold a Smart Case and call a Pigeon.  Either static or portable and Smartphone operated, they will be within easy reach of the sender and may not be secure enough to be left unattended.
  2. A Static Package Router which can buffer many Smart Cases with tens or hundreds of slots. This will be the most used type of Router.
  3. An Inbox.  A simple receiving only router which accepts Smart Cases then moves or drops them into a secure locker ready to be collected by the Receiving User.
  4. A Mechanical Router is a robotic Package Router which can receive, sort, connect and distribute directly to Mules.  This device could be located in a bus station or in large facilities such as hospitals.

Package Routers will have a saved table of all the other Routers in the area.  These can be updated or changed automatically based on the time of day, weather conditions and or if a Mule is nearby or due to be in range soon.

Photo CC 3.0: Wikimedia Foundation