The Package Delivery Data Log

The Package Delivery Data Log and the Virtual Package Delivery Log are powerful tools which make a PPP network much more efficient.  The Delivery Data Log is used to record what has happened to the Smart Case during each Dispatch and the Virtual Forwarding Log is used to plan the future route of the Smart Case.

The Log's header is the 3PDN.  Then data from each Step is appended once each hold or step is completed until the Smart Case reaches it's target and is digitally signed for.  For each Step and Hold the data will include:

  • PPSP Number
  • Physical Asset ID Number
  • Payment Modifiers used in bid
  • Bid Start Location
  • Bid Start Time
  • Bid End Location
  • Bid End Time
  • Total Bid Cost
  • Actual Start Location
  • Actual Start Time
  • Actual End Location
  • Actual End Time
  • Actual Cost Charged
  • Fault Codes

When the Case reaches the Receiving Customer or target location and leaves the Pigeon Post system a final set of data is added to the Log which will include:

  • Delivery Time
  • Delivery Location
  • Physical Asset Code
  • Receiving Customer 
  • Receiving Customer Digital Signature
  • Fault Codes

Once the package is signed for the Log is then finalized.  It will be then used in three main ways.


The Final Package Data Log is then given to all the Service Providers which handled the Case who then use it to calculate how much money or credit needs to change hands.  This can be varied depending on whether the Bids were fulfilled as specified, with bonus payments for faster deliveries or penalty charges for late deliveries. 

Route and Asset Optimization

PPP Service Providers can aggregate the Package Data Logs from thousands of deliveries to find where the most profitable areas and routes are and allocate more assets to those places.  They can also see where faults are or dropped packages are happening and improve their hardware, software, navigation or route packages around the area to solve these problems.

Calculating Service Provider Rating

The Sending or Receiving Customer can voluntarily submit the Package Data Log to the Physical Package Protocol Project which uses the aggregate data to give Service Ratings to every Service Provider.


Service Providers would be responsible for compensating customers for any Cases lost while they are handling them.  Reducing package loss would be the best way to reduce costs but insurance underwriters would be able develope insurance plans to reduce the risk of large payouts.  These would be tied to the Security Code the Sending User sets for each Case is handled and the cost of the insurance would pay the insurance premium up front when the package is put into the system.   There are controls being developed to reduce insurance fraud.  The aggregate Package Data Logs would be used to set premiums and to allocate liability after any loss.

Top Photo Public Domain: USGOV-PD