One question I have been asked a number of times now is "How much could a Quadcopter Pigeon carry?"

The simple answer was, until a few days ago, was "a couple of kilograms? Not sure really."  Of course I had already said that the test platforms should lift at least 1kg worth of packages excluding the Smart Case which I estimate will be around 100 grams.  In the future I would have liked to see how far we could push the weight limits before the flight time/distance is cut unreasonably short.

Then I saw this:

Of course that amazing machine is complete over kill for what we are planning with Pigeon Post but it raises the possibility of having Pigeons which can carry tens of kilograms not just four or five which, from all the research I had done, seemed to be the current limit.  So we could have extra large or heavy single cases or a way for a whole rack of smaller cases moved at once.  Again, that would be a some way down the development timetable but should be kept in mind.  (Oh and don't ask me about what happens when a 20kg object falls out of the sky quite yet...)

One change I'm going to make to the PPPV 0.1.2 is to add a weight band byte to the number so Smart Perches can use the weight/distance/elevation to the destination perch to estimate the amount of power any Pigeon it calls will need to make the next jump.