At the moment, no.  Or not quite yet!

In the 1940's and 50's Isaac Asimov wrote a series of short stories about robots and in the process coined the word robotics then created the The Three Laws of Robotics.  In all the stories the robots were controled by a Positronic Brain which was hardwired with all the program's the robot would ever need.  Why Positronic Brain and not simply "computer?"  Because at that time computers were so large and expensive "that only the five richest kings of Europe would own them" and there was no way to fit them inside a humanoid robot. 


Despite this a handful of designers, engineers and entrepreneurs started developing the sensors, mechanisms, actuators and tools needed to turn robots from fiction into fact.  All they needed was for the computers to become small, powerful and cheep enough. When this happened they were ready to revolutionise production lines around the world. 

We are looking to reproduce this success and change the way packages and letters are delivered and received.  The technology is not quite there, but like the pioneers of the last century, we must be ready to change the world again.