We aim to revolutionize the parcel delivery industry by developing open protocols and standards enabling a fully autonomous package delivery network.

The Physical Package Switching Network will be built on following principles:

  • From Anywhere - No need to go to a post office or even a post box.
  • To Anywhere or Anyone - The package can be sent to a person wherever they are, not just to a building or zip code.
  • Pull Not Push - Only receive packages that you want.  No spam or unwanted deliveries.
  • Securely - At least 99.9% of packages delivered, comparable with existing delivery options.
  • Quickly - Delivery time is only limited by distance, priority and network congestion not arbitrary "same day" or "next day" time slots.
  • Free (Liberty), Open and Competitive - Any company, co-operative or individual can add packages or assets into a network as long as they meet the PPP Standards.  Price competition and innovation is intrinsic in the protocol.
  • On or Off Line - The system works most efficiently when all devices are connected to the internet but still allows all packages to be delivered even with all assets offline.
  • Entirely Autonomously - An "anytime anywhere" system can not scale outside of cities when people need to be paid to handle packages.

Although we accept that any experimental network will not meet all the principles right away they will guide the research and development process.

Image CC 3.0: Kristoferb at English Wikipedia